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연령 ~
I'm from Australia. I'm usually quiet and shy...
국가: Australia
도시: Melbourne
성별: 남성 ( 43 세)
사용언어: 영어
관심언어: 한국어 ( 입문 )
사용목적: 친구사귀기/결혼
관심분야: 문화
ePal 타입: 메신저

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  1. 내 소개 글  
I'm from Australia. I'm usually quiet and shy but once i get to know you i can talk alot. I like chatting on the internet and writing poetry on my spare time otherwise i work as a despatch administrator.  
  2. 내가 찾는 친구는...  
I'm looking for someone as a close friend that are down to earth, have a great sense of humour cause i tend to joke around alot.  
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