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연령 ~
I am looking to learn as many new languages a...
국가: United States
도시: Fort Lauderdale
성별: 여성 ( 30 세)
사용언어: 영어
관심언어: 영어 ( 고급 )
사용목적: 외국어습득
관심분야: 외국어
ePal 타입: 메신저

목록으로 가기
저의 ePal 목적은 < 외국어습득 >입니다. 그리고 사용하고 있는 메신저는 Yahoo이며 ID는 XXXXXXXXXXXXX 입니다.
  1. 내 소개 글  
I am looking to learn as many new languages as I can. Among the top that I need right now are French, Spanish, and Italian. If anyone would be interested in teaching me, I know English and I've been speaking it my entire life. I would be willing to teach. Thanks!  
  2. 내가 찾는 친구는...  
I am looking for the type of person who is friendly, can teach me how to speak a new language, and shares some of my common interests.  
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