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I am a child of The King. I am not afraid t...
국가: Gambia
도시: banjul
성별: 남성 ( 37 세)
사용언어: 영어
관심언어: 프랑스어 ( 입문 )
사용목적: 친구사귀기/결혼
관심분야: 연애/결혼
ePal 타입: e메일

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저의 ePal 목적은 < 친구사귀기/결혼 >입니다. 그리고 e메일 주소는 XXXXXXX@yahoo.co.uk 입니다.
  1. 내 소개 글  
I am a child of The King.
I am not afraid to let my voice ring.
Christ is my salvation.
He's the light that shines.
I am a chosen Son.
Redeemed, sanctified,engrafted in the Vine.

No way, i am not ashamed
Of teh gospel of his Name.
I lift up my holy hands
To the lord Jesus.

There are many voices in the wind
But only one that frees the soul from sin.
Do you know that Christ is still teh answer
For the world today?
There is no other name so given
Unto a fallen man that he might be saved.

Jesus Christ is the Lord.
And God still on the throne.
There's power in the Blood.
And am saved to the bone.
If the devil comes against me
he gonna feel some pain.
Cause i can bind him,bruise him,cast him out
By the power of Jesus Name.

No longer in the outside
On the inside i now stand.
I'm sold out the whle route
Completely born again.
I beleive on the third day
Jesus rose from the grave.
The world thinks I'm crazy
But I'm just radically saved.

I have made my decision
i have staked my claim.
I have drawn a line in the sand
And i will not be ashamed.
With the world behind me
And the cross before me.
By the grace of God
I will serve The Lord forever
  2. 내가 찾는 친구는...  
some one who is loving and caring and trustworthy and open and understanding.  
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